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Functional Skills 
Functional Skills Maths &/or English – Level 1 & 2 
Functional Skills improves skills and knowledge that allow you to be positive, productive and self-supporting, this qualification gives you the skills and knowledge needed to take an vital and responsible part in the community, life, the work and education. 
Functional skills English is an 8 week course to improve your skills and knowledge to enable you for further employment and progression. This course will will enahnce your study in punctuation, grammar, sentences, spelling, reading, writing and communication. 
Functional Skills Maths is an 8 week course to improve your skills to enable you for progression in employment and study. This course will enhance your study in adding, subtracting, multiplication, dividing, fractions, rounding, ratios, mean, mode and range, percentages and decimals. 
Course Duration And Times: 
Functional skills course is designed to help each individual develop at their own pace. Duration of course is determined by each individual’s ability and progression. 
Monday to Friday 
Mornings & Evenings 
To maximise learning, it is advised that you attend regularly. 
Entry Requirements: 
You will be required to complete the college’s initial assessments in Maths and English to place you on the apporpraite course level. 
Start Date: 
To be Confirmed 
Progression & Employment: 
Functional skills qualification will improve your skills and career prospects by gaining a qualification that is recongisned by employers. Functional skills qualification can be a requirement for employment/apprenticehips and higher education. 
Once you have passed Level 1, you will be able to progress to Level 2 which will then enable further progression to GCSE Maths. 
Course registration fee:  
Course fees: 
Full course fee: to be confirmed (3 months) 
Full course fee: to be confirmed (6 months) 
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